Trex Decking – a Green alternative to Wood Decking


During summer, many people enjoy spending time outdoors tending their gardens, lawns, or simply lazing around their porches and patios. A great way of enjoying the great outdoors is by installing green decking. In simple words, green decking is decking that does not have a negative impact on the environment. Traditionally, decking is usually made of wood or materials derived from wood. Here is some more information about environmentally friendly decking:

Green Decking Types

There are two main types of green decking: recycled and composite. Recycled wood typically comes from old barns, old industrial plants, railway sleepers, and old house flooring. Instead of disposing this timber, it can be used to build environmentally friendly decking. Before reusing wood reclaimed from old buildings and structures, you should spruce it up a bit. This generally entails removing old nails and screws as well as sterilizing it. You could also plane reclaimed wood boards to improve their profile and appearance.

Composite Decking

Composite decking is made from non-wood plastics that contain some wood. The only drawback associated with composite wood decking is it tends to be expensive compared to natural wood decking. One of the reasons why this is so is because the raw materials used to manufacture composite decking are expensive. Nevertheless, hollow composite decking boards tend to be cheaper than solid composite decking boards. Irrespective of the type of composite decking boards you purchase, you should treat them with an antifungal chemical as well as a preservative to prevent rotting. An article published by the Forest Products Journal states that wood content in composite decking products can range anywhere from 40 to 70%. For this reason, they could rot if left untreated. An effective preservative that you can use is zinc borate.

Where to Buy Green Decking Products

Most hardware stores sell these products. The beauty of buying from brick-and-mortar stores is they usually have experienced staff you can consult if you have doubts or require more information on particular products. Alternatively, you can purchase the same products from online stores such as Trex, Correct Deck, and PermaDeck. Get started by using this great Trex decking cost calculator.

Repairing and Maintaining Old Decking

If you have an old decking that is still in a decent condition, it would obviously be cheaper to repair it than install a new one. The repair work is likely to entail replacing a few rotten boards as well as applying a fresh coat of preservative and paint. Of course, you will need to carry out regular maintenance work to maintain it in mint condition. For instance, you should give your decking a soapy water scrub at least two times every year. In addition, do not ignore stains that may develop over time. Instead, you should attend to them immediately.

Tools Required:

Having the right kind of tools is a must, when repairing old decking and installing new. Some of the first things that come to mind and will speed up any decking repair, would be:

  1. ┬áCordless drill — having the right cordless drill will greatly speed up your work. However, having the right cordless drill is just as important. I recommend buying a drill that is at least 18 volts or better. If you don’t have a cordless drill, do some research online read some cordless drill reviews.
  2. Skill saw — having a decent power-saw is also important and will help you cut your decking boards smoothly.
  3. Safety — Always wear safety equipment before operating any power tools such as: Eye and ear protection.
  4. For decorative mil-work, having a scroll saw can help you create some beautiful woodwork patterns to complement your deck. Hop over to this scroll saw reviews site to get an idea and also to read some helpful guides.


Green decking is typically made from materials that have very little negative impact on the environment. Some of the common materials used for this purpose include recycled and composite wood. You can buy these products online or from brick-and-mortar stores that stock building materials. Finally, it is cheaper to repair an old decking instead of removing it and installing a new one.